Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ego Is Not a Dirty Word

Laurel P has provided a story about EgoSurf. This is a tool that supposedly shows you all the places that refer to one's blog - but when I ran it for me it didn't return Laurel's own blog. Yet I know she's referred to me and added me to her blogroll.

If it did what it said it would be a useful tool for the kind of net analysis I referred to below. By the way if you are interested in that sort of thing there is a very useful website for the International Network for Social Network Analysis.

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Laurel Papworth said...

I'm not sure David that it works on blogrolls. I think its a trackback thingie. So if I link to one of your actual bloglets it might return a better result? Hmm we'll try it soon.

Of course I could be completely off the track. :)