Wednesday, June 28, 2006

RSS and Stuff

Despite the fact I work in the telco industry (and am by original training a mathematician and physicist) I am a technical clutz. I have set up I think correctly and RSS and an Atom feed - but Anonymous has told me my RSS feed doesn't work.

Unfortunately, I don't know the nature of the problem - and I think from other posts (and e-mails) that there are people who are making the RSS work.

So if you are trying to use it and it doesn't work - tell me more about which feed and what reader. And can anyone who is successfully using one of the feeds post a comment to let me know.


Steven Noble said...

Your feed works David, because that's how I found this article!

Anonymous said...

David, Feed works fine and I receive all postings. I'm using feedexplorer 1.1.7, with the following Feed address:

ashleigh said...

I am using rssmate (, and it does work, but when I try to load the feed it takes me to, which ask for a username and password.

Anonymous said...

Woring for me, using Bloglines with the RSS feed - I think originally I was using the Atom and it was flaky, but since the RSS feed no problems