Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Political Blogs

Observant readers (if I have any still) will note I've added two politicians blogs to my blogroll. Join me in thanking Senators Andrew Bartlett and Kate Lundy for trying to keep democracy real.

I was hesitant to add them and sort of thought I should go looking for a good Liberal blog but relying on the Grods review of political blogs it just doesn't look like there are any out there yet.

If anyone reading this knows of good politician blogs they might like to let us all know.


Andrew Bartlett said...

Thanks for the listing.

There's a million good blogs by politicians of all types in the UK, but I guess that's now what you were thinking of.

Steven Noble said...

At the local politics level (including local issues in state politics), I find there are few -- in central Sydney at least.

Shayne Mallard, Chris Harris and Edward Mandla have all either left comments or been written about on my other blog, Life in Chippendale.