Friday, March 28, 2008

A Bubble of Blood

Hope that got your attention.

This is an eye update. I had a one week check-up yesterday, and had a nervous morning because I started to get enough vision back in the eye that I noticed that I again had a dark view at the bottom of my eye - but this time like a straight line, unlike the arc of the detatched retina. I also noticed the line moved up and down as I tilted my head but still no idea.

The doctor explained that there has been a little post operative bleeding and this has gathered at the bottom of the eye. The line stays as a horizon even if I tilt my head to the side. Discovered today that I can see it sloshing around when I walk!

So that is all good. The detatchment was, as they say in the trade, macula off, but so far it is going well. Still another week before the gas bubble dissipates and we really see how it is going.

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Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that you're on the improve and we hope that everything goes well. We all enjoy your blogs!!

What's your thoughts on the AAPT "Hyperbaric" rollout? Any update to your previous posting?

Best Regards,