Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You've got to be kidding

A frightening statistic in the Oz that nearly half of Australia's undergraduates are studying business or commerce.

The article goes on to berate the relatively poor showing for management research in comparison to its undergraduate load, and some fairy confused concerns about innovation.

My concern is the reverse - way too many people doing degrees in derivative subjects rather than the core. Innovation and marketing are in large part derivatives of economics, larg slabs of organisation theory are better tauht as psychlogy and sociology (and communication theory) than as business subjects.

Could we try to get more students to complete majors in "real sciences" including the social sciences and start making "business" a single year Grad Dip that you add onto that first degree - a bit like the way Secndary Education is studied (I have no difficulty with the enrollment being as a double degree structure and really the equivalent of two majors being in business, but at least one major should be in a course that is NOT business).

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