Monday, August 31, 2009

Narcissist or man of steel - which is Malcolm Turnbull

An extraordinary article by Peter Hartcher is Saturday's SMH. He did a nice job of describing the retiring Brendan Nelson as a thoroughly decent chap before giving us the good doctor's assessment of his successor.

That assesment began with the comment "If you had any idea of what he said to me over those 10 months [of Nelson's leadership], you would be shocked." Well, perhaps not, since it is I think already on the record that Turnbull lectured Nelson on the inadequacy of his victory speech on becoming leader to the party room on that day, and somewhere in the first week said something like "Face it you are no god at this you should give up now".

Nelson went on to suggest that Hartcher should look up narcissitic personality disorder.

Of course, our good friend Tony Abbott took on the mantle this morning of defending Malcolm while not criticising Brendon. He said "Well, look, Brendan - terrific bloke, great contributor - but you've got to have some steel if you're going to be the leader of this country."

It had a nice resonance - recalling for some George W Bush's description of our last PM as the "Man of Steel". The worrying idea might be the implication that true leaders need to have psychiatric disorders! Well, Hitler certainly did, and look at the great infrastructure he built (don't you love the autobahn and getting the trains to run on time story, oh and the "peopl's car")!

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Anonymous said...

Charismic leaders are usually very shallow inside as with most charismic cult leaders that bring in followers. Wealth and power attract. In love with Wealth and power without the availability to love others.
It's a worry that yes we do have to have the wrong types in Power as they are attracted to occupations that give them power, while elbowing other's out.
Steel perhaps on the outside, but it's all show isn't it to seek out adoration, yet underneath it's mostly deceit.