Monday, November 02, 2009

Can iiNet win?

The AFACT vs iiNEt court case has now wound into day 11. itNews has been giving a day by day report of the "action".

I have not made a detailed study of the case, but one wonders really whether an iiNet win does much good for industry. In other places around the world there is already action taking place to legislate to require a process of ISPs acting to protect copyright, the UK being the best example. If AFACT don't win the case, haven't they just improved their lobbying position?

I like a comment made by a barrister about the Pirate Party that "In Sweden there appears to be a feeling among a significant part of the population that the internet is a territory where copyright laws do not apply." I know the Pirate Party Australia exists - I don't know how they are going on registration.

It will be an interesting conundrum for the Government.

Note: These are personal thoughts and should not be considered as an advocacy on this issue either way.

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