Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Property Rights, hunger strikes and the law

Today Tonight had an item today about Peter Spencer, the farmer on hunger strike because he is protesting the laws that prohibit further land clearing.

The Today Tonight story said " But the farmers, who can no longer develop this land have received no compensation."

They mightn't have received it but they have been offered it. The Land reports that "An offer of more than $2 million was made to Mr Spencer, which he did not accept. Instead he sued the Government, and lost."

And let's be more clear, this is State legislation so the Commonwealth constitution doesn't come into play. But he is still trying to appeal to the High Court as he told Allan Jones;

AJ – Lets go back to Peter (Spencer). What exactly are you wanting. I know Peter King your lawyer is going to take this matter to the high court, but what are you wanting?

PS – First of all it’s day 16 of my hunger strike. We have been trying to get to court now – we’ve been in the high court a number of times trying to get heard and what they constantly do – they move to strike us out – so we can never present our evidence. Poor peter (King) has been trying now for almost 2 years, trying to get the case presented and hear the evidence – all the court does is look to see if we should be struck out or not.

It is fascinating to see that his lawyer is that ultimate loser Peter King, the man turfed out of Wentworth by Malcolm Turnbull, a man who was an MP in the Howard Government that did some of the things talked about in relation to Kyoto.

But most importantly everyone has got to understand that "property rights" do not extend to all residual property claims. Never have, never will. All land is sold subject to it being developed in accordance with changeable planning laws.

Spencer is a fraudulent claimant that is getting unjustified support from rednecks.

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