Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unashamed promotion

This blog is reserved for me and my personal, often idiosyncratic, views and is not a place where I pursue my daily trade.

However, yesterday was exciting with the commercial launch of Australia's first 4G wireless broadband network. Because it is in Perth those in the East will not be seeing the ad campaign, but through the wonders of technology (and YouTube) I can show the TVC here. (Please note I just cut and paste the YouTube instructions on how to embed this - I don't know why it is cut off - doesn't normally happen. Right click on it gives you an option to watch on YouuTube or go here.)

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HeathG said...

Congratulations to the team on the launch. Also have top admire how the advert is great at communicating key propositions like portability, coverage and speed in a way that doesn't need five lines of disclaimers and is also going to be difficult for competitors to complain about.

Disclosure - I also work in the same industry