Thursday, June 24, 2010

After the deed...

So the deed has been done, and Julia Gillard is now our first female Prime Minister. Thank goodness Anna Bligh has already broken the pattern that the outcome of a female leader is just a sacrifice.

I really liked the montage in Crikey of the photos of Gillard saying no to the leadership. But the crap coming from Julie Bishop in Parliament about the PM being elected by the people and being knifed etc was rubbish. Kevin only ever had at most four years in him - he was always going to run out of ideas. And I think he is still delusional about the core of staff who stood by him.

But what actually depressed me is Lindsay Tanner's announcement that he will not contest the next election.

That means we need a few lighter moments - and I give you Italian scoccer training (an oldie but a goodie - thanks Vic) and a Czeck Rugby ad (thanks Liz).

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