Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Top End

All quiet on the blog front as I rest up on the classic round trip Darwin-Kakadu-Katherine-Litchfield-Darwin.

Feeling refreshed from a day cruising and swimmining the Nitmiluk Gorge (aka Katherine Gorge). Two comms issues come to mind.

You can't miss the microwave towers in regional Australia - you can understand why they want fibre. I gather down South there is a suggestion the Gillard deal with Windsor/Oakshot brings forward NBN wireless. That would be the wrong move. What needs to happen is acceleration of satellite and deal with the changed economics of an outside-in fibre build by stretching the project to ten years from eight.

Meanwhile Kakadu park entry is $25 for 14 days. A telco would package that as $12.50 per day, minimum purchase 2 days with twelve extra days - value of $175!

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crocodile havyatt?