Tuesday, October 05, 2010

So how is Intel different

News last week that the Government has signed an MOU with Intel under which the Government will;

•provide Intel with updates on progress and development of the Government’s Digital Economy Strategy
•work with Intel as a sounding board on possible initiatives to promote an NBN-enabled Digital Economy
•Share relevant research on an NBN-enabled digital economy.

Nothing in the release seemed to advise what Intel is giving the Government. It does say that,

This MOU will enable Australia to benefit from Intel’s global experiences in using high speed broadband in areas such as health, education, business and environmental management.

The problem is that Intel is a simple for-profit firm and would have every intention of ensuring Australia would benefit from buying more Intel chips.

It raises the interesting question of exactly what kind of "updates" on the Digital Economy Strategy Intel will receive that other firms (especially Australian firms) will not. Or is this merely a piece of paper promoted by Intel to the Government signed by the Government to create five minutes of positive press?

Fluff not substance. A pity.

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Ry said...

You seem surprised.

But yes, it did seem rather without substance.

Intel haven't exactly been shy in voicing support for NBN.