Friday, February 04, 2011

Digital Television and e-waste

I finally got with the 21st century just after Christmas and replaced the really big CRT TV we bought in 2000 with a lovely LCD LED job. Just over $1000 for the new telly, and so much nicer and easier to move.

I did the right thing and manhandled the old one down to Planet Green. The bugger weighed 54kg, which meant at $1.50 per kg I paid $81 to get rid of it.

Then last weekend was clean-up in our area. Lots of people had put out their old CRT TVs. I was pleased to see the Council workers left them behind...but most are still littering the streets.

It is nice for Minister Conroy to tell us the Government has helped 25,000 households to help them get digital television. This scheme just gets them a set-top box not replace the TV.

But where is the Government's bigger plan for e-waste? The mobile industry has done its bit for a decade with Mobile Muster but in reality we should be well past this.

Why shouldn't I be able to leave e-waste at my local State Waste Transfer Station? Why indeed shouldn't it be free to leave there just like paper and glass? The Government collects 9% of the final price to me for every piece of this stuff I buy.

While digital TV is creating a current surge, the issue is only growing with household PCs and notebooks.

It is time someone had a plan.

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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