Friday, April 29, 2011

Telco Customer Service

I get stuck into telcos on the subject of customer service in my itNews column today.

I don't think this will win me many friends, might even alienate some I already have who work in "Customer Experience" functions.

I don't really doubt the will and intent of all the people in telcos from CEOs down who are stating the importance of customer service, striving for customer-centricity and implementing various programs with these goals in mind.

What I do doubt is that they really acknowledge the depth of the issue. The starting point isn't they are good and can get better than everyone else, it is that they are bad and until the industry as a whole improves no one will notice their efforts.

There is a very imprtant economic issue - more correctly game theory issue. In the presence of high information asymmetry the market will not value good customer service.

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