Thursday, June 11, 2015

RTIRC Round 3

Fans of telecommunications policy will have noted the release this week of the Issues Paper for the inquiry by the latest Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee.

The Committee now chaired by Deena Shiff is the third time one has been created under the legislative change that accompanied the full privatisation of Telstra. The preceding two were chaired by Bill Glassen and Rosemary Sinclair.

Prior to these reviews were two other reviews looking at the same issues chaired by Tim Besley and Dick Estens.

Unfortunately the Department of Communications doesn't think that maintaining a historical record of policies and reviews is a productive activity. Their own page on Regional Telecommunications Review contains a number of broken links (as at 12:43 on 10 June 2015). Even the RTIRC's own website has a broken link to the previous report.

Just as well DigEcon maintains a history of the reviews on its website.  On that page all of the four previous reports and Government responses can be found.

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