Saturday, July 08, 2006

How the ABC Board creates a best seller

The Jonestown story just keeps running. The David Marr item in this morning's SMH provides some more detail about the current state of play on the legal advice.

However, the article does remind us that managing risk is the Board's job. And as I said elsewhere, the ABC should and does have a different appetite for legal risk in Enterprises versus Broadcasting. Consequently I don't think the cautious approach of the Board here is a particular cause for concern for, say, Four Corners.

But it is interesting how the final chapter is playing out. The Board decision is giving the book more free publicity than anything short of actual litigation would have. So, if the new right wing ABC Board really thought they were protecting the Parrot, they should think again. Jonestown has now become one of thos things publishers love - an eagerly awaited book (and I'll want my copy on day one, just in case it does get pulped on day two).

And hopefully I'll get an answer to a question - has old Kings boy John Anderson had the gumption to say what he really thinks of Jones on the record now that he is departing the political stage?

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