Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More Dems News

The ABC runs a headline Political analyst predicts Democrats' demise on their Just In feed.

Observers of politics who read a bit of history would remind all political commentators that the ALP went through many similar trevails in its first fifty years. Admittedly they had enjoyed the spoils of office, but the essential ingredients are there - the relationship between the executive and the parliamentary party, the differences between State Divisions and the national organisation.

It remains the bizarre truth that the Democrats are the natural home for a whole pile of disaffected Liberals and ALP supporters. A simple read of their charter is so much more rewarding than the objects of the ALP. Yet they simply can't establish traction.

Possibly one reason remains the origins of the party around the messianic Don Chipp, and its subsequent failure to recreate that image till the brief rise of Natasha Stott Despoja till that was rendered useless under the battles over the role of the National Executive.

Not only is it too early to call the result, we should all be concerned if that is the outcome.

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