Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quickie on cooking

Mama Cass has asked me what I like cooking. And the answer is anything that I've got the time to try. I'm not into elaborate dishes, my favourite meals are grazing meals - so Indian curry nights are good, as are Lebanese lunches - though about all I cook then are lamb mince and pine nuts in filo with maybe the falafel. My daughters are like the old Tom Cruise add - they'll stay home if I'm cooking a lamb roast.

I love both Christmas and Easter (Good Friday) for which I now have set menus that don't change but are things only cooked that day (well, mostly). Christams is cold - but includes a turkey stuffed with a forcemeat (well actually I know do a breast and stuffed chickens instead) a really nice brown rice salad and asparagus with sesame seeds and balsamic dressing - takes the whole day the day before. Easter is a salmon pie, macaroni cheese (for non-seafood loving daughter), curried prawns (using Alice Doyle's recipe) and some fresh fish in batter.

But it is really just something I do. Next Mama Cass will want to know what grass I cultivate.....

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