Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Credibility Mr Howard

Buying into the whole Sunrise debacle, John Howard has said, "The Australian people will make a judgement about Mr Rudd's credibility in the same way they'll make a judgement about mine," he said.

It is to be sincerely hoped the Australian people will make a decision about Mr Howard's credibility. This is the PM who told us about children thrown overboard and who told us about weapons of mass destruction when neither the act occurred or the weapons existed.

And while Kevin Rudd has shown the poor judgement to deny things occurring in his office without realising how stupid the people are in his office, at least it is far less significant than ignoring 46 suggestions that we should inquire into our wheat trade, as Mr Downer did.

Bring on the "credibility election" - I know who I'll back to win.

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