Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's About Us not Them

In his Fitz Files yesterday morning Peter FitzSimons told a great tale under the heading Hooray for Simon.

It tells the tale of how a local cricket comp introduced modified rules to enable a kid with dwarfism to not just play but also compete.

Unfortunately he ruined the good news story by starting his conclusion with, "There are, happily, a lot of these kind of stories out there, but there could be more if our State Government could make the inclusion of disabled kids in sport, where possible, part of official policy."

The pity is that as the story itself showed the outcome sought can and was achieved directly at theclevel of community action - which is really where the exhortation should be directed. Every community sporting group should be taking action like this - like the Eastwood Ryde Netball Association who for years had a deaf team playing (what whistle ump?) or games modified so that individual disabled players are allowed a little shuffle.

Good stuff happens by us deciding to do it, not by waiting for "them" to.

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