Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vale Phil Burgess

My former colleague Dr Phil Burgess (in the sense that everyone in telco public policy is a colleague)has been busy talking and writing as he prepares to leave our fair shores. This has included an article in the SMH and a speech at the Lowy Institute.

I thought it was appropriate for someone to write a valedictory. It was too long just to include here, so you'll have to follow the link.

I conclude with "Phil I think will understand if I say (in the Australian vernacular and the Fullbright sense) “Mate, you are a great Australian patriot, but you’ve been wrong about a few things.” To understand that you'll need to read the item and listen to the Lowy speech.


Tony Dean said...

Nice article about Phil Burgess. Well done.

But Peter Finch was in "Network", not "Newsfront".

David Havyatt said...

Tony is indeed correct - a fact I knew full well when writing because I in fact googled the movie to get the quote right - but then confused a stunning movie with a satirical TV show. I will fix this in the online version.