Tuesday, October 07, 2008

AFP - Global Police?

I feel incredibly sorry for the Lapthorne family over the "disappearance" of Britt in Croatia. But Mr Lapthorne is quoted in The Age as saying he had been reassured by his briefing with the detective, but he remained disappointed with the Australian Federal Police. "All I've heard from their officer is PR," he said."

I fail to understand what role the AFP is supposed to play in this case, I don't think they have jurisdiction in Croatia.

The same comment can apply to the criticism that journalists were able to interview "persons of interest" in Portugal that Croatian police hadn't. Does anyone know the difference between a news interview and a police interview? The latter to be of any use in a subsequent prosecution will need to be conducted within the framework of the law.

The current expectation of global citizens about the reach of their home nation's lgal system smacks of the "extraterritorial" rights that the British and other Europeans claimed for their nationals in China in the nineteenth century. That didn't end well!

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