Friday, January 23, 2009

Dem funny Dems

Back when the US election was being held the President of the Australian Democrats jumped on You Tube and under the title "what's cooking" promoted that we should stay tuned for something new, "New Democrats."

I was waiting for something big to happen, but nothing seems to have emerged.

Following that though, there was also posted to YouTube one of the ads made as part of the Gruen Transfer weekly competition to market the unmarketable. This is the "bastard ad".

Seems like the ever eager Democrats have brought these two ideas together - what's cooking and bastard - in their grill a bastard game that was advertised on Crikey and is found on their Bastard Watch website.

They promote this through their website as well. I copped some criticism from my earlier comment that the Ryde by-election for the Democrats was probably their last hurrah. The "bastards" campagn is a really good bit of marketing, but my question is, what are they marketing? The only thing of substance on the website was a media release by the departed but unlamented Sandra Kanck about the Rudd Government needed to "go further" than merely calling for a ceasefire. Instead the Prime Minister needed to "strongly condemn Israel". All a bit irrelevat from a retiring South Australian upper house member.

More troubling is that the release ended with a link to the party's "action plans", which is an incredibly large collection of documents prepared by the former Senators. This isn't the policy process for which the Democrats and its long ago predecessor The Australia Party were renowned.

Conclusion: Some reassuring signs of life, but a lot of work to be done yet.

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