Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something strange about Peter

You might already have seen the video of Peter Costello addressing the Light the Fire mob on Australia Day.

But it is not the message I find strange (well, I do find it a bit strange, modern Christianity can't be literal) - it is the fact that the shelves behind him ONLY contain photos. Strange for two reasons. The first is that you'd think you'd put books or something there. The second is that it would be cheaper and prettier to have the pictures on the wall and no shelves.

Maybe it used to house all that stuff that he was supposed to know about as Treasurer, and houses nothing now because he stands for nothing and knows nothing.

Any other ideas? Why are there no books on Costello's bookcase?

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Phil Dobbie said...

I think he got all the books on economics from the library and had to take them back when he lost the gig.