Monday, June 22, 2009

I am confused

I am listening to Malcolm Turnbull in the Parliament. I am still confused as to the nature of the claim.

Firstly, should a person who has been a donor to a political party be denied the opportunity to raise a matter with a Minister? Does the Minister (Treasurer's) answer that he treated the referral as just like any other request mean that he had to have actually treated someone else the same way or would have handled anyone else who made that request?

Turnbull reads "Mr Grant would have received the same treatment as any other car dealer" to mean "would" implied that there may or may not have been an approach by Grant. However, the word "would" in my mind means "had someone else applied".

And Turnbull seems to draw extraordinary conclusions that people in the private sector respond to "signals" that the Government was sending. I'd really hope the private sector would blow the whistle at the time of influence peddling.

It really shows how Turnbull intends to play the game if he is PM.

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