Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two great pieces of news in mobile land

Reports out today that major mobile manufacturers have at last agreed to standardise on power supplies. I will note that when I chaired the handset makers forum in about 2005 at the annual AMTS conference it was a proposition that I challenged all the handset providers on - standardised plugs for power and handsfree. The later has partially been met through bluetooth.

In other news Senator Conroy last week participated in the launch of the Mobile Manufacturers Forum's Glbal Acessibility Reporting Initiative. What was not emphasised enough is that this initiative had its origins in Australian work. A (then) ACIF code on accessbility required service providers to provide information on accessibility to consumers, so this was supported with a requirement on equipment manufacturers to develop statements on the accessibility features of their products.

The initial reaction of the Australian branch offices of the manufacturers was typical outrage. But the initiative found its way up through the food chain, not least because Vodafone, SingTel, Hutchison and Telstra are each well connected through the global mobile community, and because really the proposition mde sense. After all sekking consumers products that don't work for them is not a good idea.

Gunela Astbrink of TEDICORE reminded me of this and it gave me hope to believe that Australia can realise that if it chooses to it can develop global trends.

ut full praise to those in the Australian mobiles community who worked hard to drive this message through.

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lily40au said...

Fantastic news every way you look at it.