Monday, July 06, 2009

Gyngell loses it

I think the pressure on David Gyngell at Nine is showing. In the Oz he is talking about his new multi-channel and comparing it to Ten's "One" which is a sports channel. He says;

"One is the red-haired stepchild of sports rights," he said. "It's the stuff that no one wants."

Two things. The first is that Nine "has the stuff people want" - the French Open and Wimbeldon - and doesn't show it live or in full. I could understand that if showing the sport meant they had to disrupt an otherwise strong programming schedule. But they are showing "shyte" that rates accordingly.

Secondly, as the father of a delightful red-haired girl, I find the comment bizarre. I think the implication was meant to be a child who is obviously not genetically one's own, but I don't quite frankly get it.

Maybe some avid reader can explain exactly why a red-haired step-child would be unwanted!

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