Tuesday, December 29, 2009

PR and bananas

I found this post on the best and worst PR projects of 2009.

Two reasons for posting it here. The first is because it contains the now infamous banana smoothies clip from Westpac. The second is the heading "Getting better (at communicating) all the time", which is primarily about the need for continual professional development in PR professionals. But I choose to think of it as recognising the need to be communicating all the time, or, far more significantly, your company and brand are communicating all the time - the PR campaign at the end of it can't undo all that.

I also found the comment "I question whether really profound, organisation-changing work can be done from the consultancy position, as opposed to working in-house in a PR capacity, but there are certainly plenty of exceptions to this position."

These three thoughts provide the foundation for a principal that the corporate affairs/PR job function should not be mostly outsourced and that a PR stance of mostly "no comment" means that you aren't managing your communications at all.

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