Friday, November 19, 2010

Malcolm in fantasy land

Two SMH articles say the Government is refusing to release the NBN "business case".

From yesterday's Hansard the Member for Wentworth told the House;

If this project were being undertaken by the private
sector—a public company, for example—the management,
or the board would have to present a detailed
business case to their shareholders. They would have to
persuade their shareholders that the project was going
to add value to their shareholdings, that it was going to
increase dividends and that it was going to be a wise
investment of the shareholders’ funds. They would be
accountable to the analyst community. There would be
conference calls, meetings and presentations

Actually wrong. Companies never present their business cases for individual projects to shareholders. They present the overall financial case, and that is the Commonwealth budget.

It also looks like Malcolm is the source of the confusion between what has been delivered (a business plan) and what they want released (a business case). They are different.

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