Thursday, September 26, 2013

Student Politics

With Chris Pyne saying he wants to abolish the student activities levy we've had lots of commentary as if this is a repeat of compulsory versus voluntary student "unionism".

Some young Liberal bright spark looked down a camera lens and said that student politics was the "training ground" for Labor politicians (as if that alone was a justifiable reason for not having it).

He perhaps needs to know more about his own party to learn

PM Tony Abbott - President SU SRC 1979
Treasurer Joe Hockey - President SU SRC 1987
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull - Board Member University of Sydney Union

and going back a bit further

Robert Menzies - President of the Melbourne University SRC 1916

Student politics is a good training ground for lots of people who are later engaged in civic life - including politicians, judges, journalists and others.

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