Friday, September 06, 2013

The Dog Ate My Homework

The full glory of the Coalition filter "clusterf__k" is shown here.

Still begs the question of how it happened.  ZDnet and The Age are reporting that Malcolm Turnbull is effectively blaming party headquarters. 

But let's really look at the Coalition spokesman on Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.  What has he done in three years?

OK - he released a broadband policy - but it doesn't actually have a detailed business plan as he claims.  Nothing like it.  And it leaves as many questions left unanswered - the cost of the copper, the placement of nodes, the digital divide.

The "digital economy" policy he released really only talked about Government IT.  The only comment on real digital economies was to name Sweden, Denmark, Korea and Singapore as leading digital economies - all leaders in deploying fibre to the home.

He has criticised the Government for not completing anti-siphoning legislation - but not said what he will do.

His only comment on ABC and SBS fuinding is that their budgets will be cut if savings need to be made (Labor even exempted them from the efficiency dividend).

Cyber-safety he outsourced to a backbench committee and didn't read their policy.

It isn't an impressive record over three years.  Maybe he was just too busy appearing on QandA to do the real job of a shadow minister.

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