Sunday, October 06, 2013

Meanwhile in Tasmania

Having woken up to the fact that "honouring contracts" never meant finishing the NBN FttH build there, Tasmanians are getting a tad upset.

Mr Turnbull is quoted by ABC as blaming the former Government saying

The contractor has basically stopped work for several months.  There's nothing we could do to slow down the rollout in Tasmania because it has been dead stopped.

This is technically incorrect because the contractor was still at work in areas not affected by the remediation pause, and has restarted work already.

This is typical Malcolm Turnbull.  Rather than directly respond to the fact that he knows he misled Tasmanians he reaches for a distraction with a false claim about current roll-out.

For the record - mid election (17 August) the Examiner ran a story under the headline Turnbull confirms NBN will honour contracts. It included the following line.

"Tasmanian Senator David Bushby also dismissed Ms Collins by saying the Liberals had costed their policy on Labor's full Tasmanian roll-out, confirming  it would honour Mr Turnbull's earlier pledge to fulfil all contracts."

Mr Turnbull knew that to be a false statement at the time and did nothing to correct it!

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