Friday, October 04, 2013

Proof that Paul Howes is as thick as be seems.

At last there is proof that Paul Howes is as thick as he seems.  Having had his Parliamentary ambition recently thwarted he has signed up to write monthly essays for the AFR to demonstrate his credentials as a leader of extra-parliamentary Labor.

He has made the amazing discovery that investing in infrastructure builds the nation from which the opportunity to make life better for all can come.  Pity he didn't notice that investing in infrastructure is what Labor in Government did.  Pity he didn't notice that at the first leadership debate Anthony Albanese said he'd be a PM who invested in infrastructure.  But I think Howes is part of the right backing for Bill Shorten.

But when he makes claims that a worker might like an infrastructure investment that HALVES a commute time over a wage increase, it is clear he has no idea what you would need to do to halve most commuting times.  Take mine to the city - 15 minute walk to station, 45 minute train ride, 15 minute walk from station to office.  You can't even make the train trip happen in half the time.

Then he talks about wanting to tap into super savings to fund infrastructure, which then has to be privatised so the super fund can get a return.  Well hand off my super!  Issue infrastructure bonds a proposed by Hockey and backed by McKibbin and let my fund invest, fine. But don't try to create investments with market rate returns.

But the whole point of super is to take future liability for pensions to of government by creating private savings.  If those private savings just get used by government now as a trade for a new future government liability the whole thing becomes absurd.

If this man is a Director of AustralianSuper maybe the Coalition is right to be concerned about union officials on industry super fund Boards.

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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