Monday, October 13, 2008

Delusions of the unsuccessful job seeker

Wow. Janet Albrechtsen does take the cake. Today she writes a perfectly reasonable piece about banks and politicians, and points out the irony of the ALP supporting the private banks while the Turnbull/Bishop show was trying to promote a run (or so it seamed).

But she "had to go and spoil it it all by saying something stupid like" the story she gives about her interview with the SMH. She says that the interview went icy after she commented that the then commentary on banks was one-sided. In this shejoins that horde of unsuccessful job applicants (of which I have recently been one) in deciding their lack of success is all about the hirer not about them.

We don't know if the job was as a lawyer or as a journalist. But my feeling is that either way Fairfax dodged that bullet well.

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