Monday, October 27, 2008

Optus Speak

Anyone familiar with Don Watson's excellent little book Death Sentence will know that he has particular ire for the language employed in marketing speak, and he uses a number of examples from Optus.

One particularl gripe is the use of the word "upgrade". It is disappointing to see that the folk at Optus haven't read the book. I unasmadely quote from today's Communications Day.

Optus cuts off MMS notification service
Optus is set to cut off a service which notifies customers with older handsets that they have been sent an MMS. Set to be culled within days, the change means that users who send MMS messages to users with non-MMS phones will still be charged for sending – even though the designated recipient will never receive anything or be alerted of the message.
According to an Optus spokesperson, “upgrades” to its messaging system have resulted in the MMS alert system being culled. “Optus recently upgraded its MMS/SMS system to improve the customer experience. Enhancements include image quality and adjustment. As part of that upgrade, Optus customers with a non MMS capable handset or whose handset is not configured to receive MMS will no longer receive an SMS advising them when they have been sent an MMS and will no longer be able to view or retrieve the MMS via the Optus Zoo website,” the spokesperson said.
Optus will advise customers of change this week. “The sender of the message will still be charged,” the company said. “This is consistent with the Optus Standard Form of Agreement as Optus does not guarantee successful delivery of MMS or SMS.”

Memo to Optus marketing; for a change to be an upgrade no user should experience a lesser outcome than they did before!

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