Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fatuous bullshit

Senator Conroy has signed another of his Digital Economy MOUs.

This one with NEC is just like the one with Intel. The commercial firm that really wants to lobby Government has agreed that it will lobby Government (oh sorry - "will keep the Government informed about its activities, particularly, in the areas of aged care and intelligent transport systems").

This time it is not as clear what the Government gives - only saying "It further signals the Government's intention to collaborate with industry to deliver an NBN-enabled digital economy.

The Intel agreement stated:

Through the agreement the Gillard Government will:
•provide Intel with updates on progress and development of the Government’s Digital Economy Strategy
•work with Intel as a sounding board on possible initiatives to promote an NBN-enabled Digital Economy
•Share relevant research on an NBN-enabled digital economy.

As I said then how is Intel/NEC different. Isn't every business entitled to know what the Government is doing with the NBN?

I said the last one might be "merely a piece of paper promoted by Intel to the Government signed by the Government to create five minutes of positive press".

Now it looks like these MOUs are going to become fatuous bullshit peddled to every ICT firm.

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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Ry said...

David, you are 100 percent right. Despite best efforts of NEC's PR, this is just a piece of paper.