Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Digital Economy

When I was unsuccessful in getting selected to the 2020 summit at the start of the year I posted about the experience of nominating for a committee that wound up never existing.

Ever since then I've threatened to write a paper titled (as a play on the Bill Clinton slogan) It's D. Economy, Stupid. I'll get to it eventually.

When I do I'll have the ability to include the "wisdom"(?) coming forward from the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy "blog" that is being used to consult on the DE.

I won't repeat here the number of criicisms that have been made of it. Nor do I want to belabour the point that they should have guessed they'd be swamped with posts on filtering (I'm reliably informed that there is a page coming on the topic - though personally I think that should have been a different blog).

It is interesting that some luminaries have graced the blog comments, the CEO of Telecom New Zealand Paul Reynolds dropped in as did Carolyn Dalton the regulatory and policy dude for Google. (I'd link to their posts if I could find them - it is not easy to find comments on the blog). More recently I see that Laurel Papworth, who is a wow at all the on-line communities stuff, has engaged.

The blog is getting some coverage from other blogs. Andrew Bartlett has made some comments. He has also identified that there is a blog that has been blog tracking the discussion.

I encourage my small but loyal readership t have a look. So far the topics covered have been DE definition, use of government information and most recently the appropriate regulatory framework.

Unfortunately as a piece of consultation it looks very much like an ordinary consultation/discussion paper has just been cut into bite sized chunks for distribution. If the folks who've tried to scream the Government down on filtering could just get out of the way a bit some discussion might flow.

We live in hope.

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