Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I was just watching the telecast of the cricket from Melbourne and they showed three dudes in the crowd dressed as Batman, Spiderman and Superman. This suggests there should be a joke available along the lines of...

Superman, Spiderman and Batman went to the cricket. Each of them planned to catch a ball in the outer. After half a day nothing had been hit in their direction. Eventually a ball is hit vaguely in their direction ... Superman jumps the fence, runs catches the ball and runs back to his seat. As he runs faster than a speeding bullet no one saw anything other than the ball taking a really strange flight over the boundary.

The next ball is hit away from them. Spiderman sends out his web, sticks to the ball and pulls it towards him. Once again the crowd just see a ball take an unusual path.

Next ball Spiderman and Superman look expectantly at Batman.

Any ideas on what he does?

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