Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Telco news

Embroiled as I still am in some telco matters I thought I might just share some information.

Firstly a great little article about the LTE vs WiMAX discussions. Worth a read for anyone who believes the LTE hype.

Next up an article about Mobile Number Portability implementation in India. What I find interesting is that we implemented MNP in Australia in 2000 with what I believe to be still a world's best implementation. While we complain about our telco regulators maybe we should also recognise how well we have done on some fronts.

The next is a new internet map that shows the data flows over the internet around the globe. The equivalent map on submarine cables is often made into a corporate give away - maybe a great idea for this too.

And finally an article that makes it clear that operational separation doesn't make all those pesky regulatory issues go away. But that's a discussion for another day.

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