Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DE - The Excitement Builds

Only a week to go till Stephen Conroy is due to unveil his Digital Economy strategy - at CeBIT is the expectation. While I said some unkind things about how poorly the Budget papers dealt with the DE agenda, I'm led to believe that the strategy will be substantive.

I am currently writing a piece that talks about the narrative of the "Digital Economy" more generally though. Hopefully it will be ready to appear just after the strategy.

But Australia is not alone in ruminating on DE issues.

In France President Sarkosy is hosting a two-day forum which will bring opposing views of the need to regulate the internet economy. In canada the former Government CIO has said all three levels of government will have to be more collaborative and focused if they want to realize their goals around improving service delivery.

Meanwhile closer to home Malaysia is reportedly "embarking on an innovative digital economy framework that will culminate in the development of a Digital Malaysia Masterplan". In the USA though the latest call is for skilling minorities for digital entrepreneurship (which I think means something other than giving authority the finger in novel ways).

The Digital Economy is definitely "in vogue".

What does Senator Conroy have in store for us?

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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