Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An update on the iselect PR

In my post about PR I promised to update my readers when I heard back about my request for the research that iselect was claimed to have released.

This prompted a call to me by their Corporate Affairs Manager today who wanted to know what exactly I want and why I might want it. I advanced the proposition that while I was most interested in being able to interrogate the claimed "$141M overspend", how it had been estimated and its veracity, I was particularly seeking the "research" which the PR claimed had been "released".

I advanced the somewhat odd idea that you can't claim to have released something without actually having done so. The nice Corporate Affairs man has to consult with "other people" to see how he deals with my request.

The nice man also managed to completely deflate my ego by asking exactly who I am and what my company does. I explained that he can find out about the regulatory management services I offer at the Havyatt Associates website, that I am a blogger and that I write an occassional column for itNews. I further explained that my inquiry wasn't being made on behalf of anyone else, just my own interest.

It did provide an interesting insight though - they can't be tracking themselves too well. Googling the exact phrase "iselect" for the last 24 hours had yesterday's blogpost as the last item on the page.

Note: In case you think I'm being a little harsh, I can tell you that I have been responsible for very similar releases that want to refer to research data. I have in the past had to explain to my employers that if you say the research is released then you have to release it.

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