Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BNet debate

An interesting experience this week. A couple of blog posts - in particular on reform - resulted in an invitation to debate a carbon tax opponent with the view to a discussion on whether change is possible.

The debate unfortunately stayed on climate change. I had a bit of fun - especially at the start when my opponent said he'd "studied natural science for 2 years" at Cambridge and then told us how many Nobel prizes they earned.

It was fun.

It was, however, a real pity that we didn't spend more time on the basis of debate. I also think I scored a win on the myth of John Howard and the GST. The public voted strategically for a Senate that would vote against the GST - the beginning of the end for the Australian Democrats was Meg Lees GST deal and ratting on her voters.

I was actually hoping, given the interviewer, to use the conservative reaction to the NBN as another example. They same strategy has been used against the NBN....a whole string of different and inconsistent alternatives.

I love the line "the most chilling thing was an Indian telling me that bringing this in would make us the white trash of Asia". No evidence as to whether this was a credible analyst, just a "dispassionate observer".

Anyway I had fun. Have a listen.

Link courtesy of BTalk on BNET.com (http://www.bnet.com/topics/btalk+australia).

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