Wednesday, July 06, 2011

So what do you think - and more on Telstra

I've had a fiddle at the template for the blog - much cleaner I think. Tell me what you think of the new design - including the placement of the "gadgets" (all the buttons around the side).

To see how it looks I've got an update on my take on the Telstra story - courtesy of some nice help from the folks at Telstra.

Their view is that there really are five big customer focussed blocks, three groups in support and a group of corporate functions. I've modified the diagram they used to explain it - partly because I think actual job titles are important.

Now I'd personally quibble with this and would argue that each of Freeth, Akhurst, Shiff, and Robbiati are really running "Lines of Business". The fact is Deena's job title is CEO as she is running a subsidiary. It just looks like Telstra's single biggest Venture - Foxtel - is still left out of it.

I also didn't say anything about Telstra "veteran" Stuart Lee in the earlier post. But if anyone out there recalls Telstra's Strategic Partnership Agreements the fact is they had joint parentage between Stuart and myself. But that is twenty years ago. Facts are Stuart is a very determined individual - what wholesale will look like will very much depend on whether internally it is being embraced as an important future channel or simply tolerated as a necessity of the current market structure. The certainty is that whichever is the model that Stuart thinks he has been asked to implement is the model that will be delivered.

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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