Monday, July 25, 2011

Digital Economy Round-Up - Issue 3

Two simple pieces. This presentation from the launch of the Bournemouth University Digital Hub seems to equate the Digital Economy with the whole internet/social media piece more than anything else.

The speaker does come from a social media consultancy, and the ambition of the centre doesn't seem to be much more ambitious than that;

The Digital Hub is an emerging centre which brings together the skills and knowledge of BU academics that have expertise in digital media and innovative technology, providing a one-stop point of contact for research-led enterprise. The spirit of the centre is to work without barriers, in inter-departmental synergy, creating, using, and passing on knowledge for the benefit of all those we work with: students, businesses, our staff, government and many more.

Meanwhile another story from Wales tells us that;

WALES today is host to a wealth of world-class research, much of which is carried out in its top universities.

This research is innovative and relevant, spanning a wide range of disciplines. This includes the Welsh Government’s priority areas of the digital economy, low-carbon economy, health and biosciences; and advanced engineering and manufacturing.

The Welsh have appointed a Professor of Digital economy. A brief look however suggests the appointees expertise is in globalisation and the global dimensions of the Digital Economy.

This opens up an interesting question in political economy - whether the locus of study is growth (how to have more) or distribution (who has what), or if both how are they balanced. The late twentieth century obsession with "efficiency" masks the fact that this sounds like it is about growth, is really about distribution and is ultimately about distribution in an anti-equity manner (the "reference" of the person with the most money is more important than the preference of the poor).

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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