Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I love Twitter

Without it I would never have really found out more about the loon right winger Daniel Pipes who appeared on QandA last night. (Note to producers - the combination of Pipes together with Doug Cameron was just too much extremism to get any dynamic going. Also the Craig Thomson nonsense was demeaning for QandA).

Courtesy of twitter I've found this blog post in which Pipes asserts that the Black Saturday bushfires were a jihadist attack. The best he can find is a muslim "gloating" - totally ignoring the fact that the muslim only refers to it as an act of god.

Ahh so glad the world has Daniel Pipes to defend it.....

Meanwhile, I can't help rethinking the whole discussion on democracy on last night's QandA and whether Israel is a good or bad example. In the final analysis I disagree with Nick Minchin that we have to find a "two state solution".

I actually reject the whole 1850s to 1950s obsession with national self-determination when it is anything other than anti-imperialism. It isn't about race culture or language but geography.

The people within a defined physical area agree to run their country co-operatively. There can be no space for theocratic states - be they muslim or jewish - or christian. The separation of church and state that Minchin happily mouthed works if all religions know they can be treated equally.

Our model for democracy should be a single state of Israel in which both Palestinians and Israelis co-exist. The unresolved issue is the dispossession of some Palistinians by the Israeli invasion. There is probably no alternative other than the UN - as author of the creation of Israel - shouldering that as a financial liability.

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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