Friday, August 05, 2011

Seriously folks - how hard do they think this is?

So a guy makes a game called "Judoku" for the iPad and itsnews?

Evidently creator has for his "whole life" have people ask him questions about Judaism.

It occurred to me, here's the opportunity to merge both into one fun user experience.
I wanted a captivating tool I could use to teach my own children about Judaism.

The game uses Jewish symbols such as a Star of David and shofar, or letters of the Hebrew alphabet, in place of numbers.

OK now a reality check. I haven't seen this game - but it sounds like ordinary Sudoku replacing the nine digits with different symbols. Do we get it that that's not hard? You can do it with any 9 different symbols you like - just as you can create a new Sudoku grid with any isomorphism on the set of the nine digits.

So what other crazy new games can we create. "Devil_worship_oku" (or satan oku) where we use things like pentagrams and the symbols from the cover of Led Zeppelin IV? "Heavy_Metal_Oku" where we either use the chemical symbols of some real heavy metals or just the band logos from some metal bands?

The only reason why the puzzle usually uses digits is because it is an easy set to remember.

But while we are at creating new "oku's" what other ideas do we have?

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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