Friday, August 26, 2011

NBN Co, community consultation and migration

Really good address to today's ACS-TSA SIG by NBN Co's Mike Kaiser on rewiring a nation.

Good explanation of the migration task and the associated communication task.

A lot of agreement that the ACCAN publication National Broadband Network: Guide for Consumers is the best explanatory document around. The document actually does address things like what speed do I need and what internal changes you might want to make to get the best use.

NBN Co will be moving into full scale deployment mode soon, where on a rolling three month basis they will outline the next twelve months of construction areas.

There looks to me to be a bigger win on Comms available from having a co-ordinated NBN Co/Govt/Consumer/SP comms process. At the moment there seems to be a separate Govt plan from NBN Co plan and that doesn't make sense.

Interesting comment from many present is that they don't have the simple communications tools on hand to help them explain what the NBN is and what it will mean to people.

Anyhow, it raises my own question. My telephone line is currently an aerial lead in - as is my Foxtel/Bigpond cable. Will NBN Co publish a guide so that I could instal my own duct that could be accessed to install the NBN when it gets to my house (in about nine years I reckon cause our BB is OK)?

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