Monday, September 19, 2011

NBN price plans

It is extraordinary how much focus individual NBN price plans are receiving in the market. The only thing more extraordinary is the diverse commentary.

The release of iiNet's plans had itWire writing "Anyone who thought that NBN would bring ubiquitous cheap broadband to Australia may have had their hopes dashed with the announcement of the new offerings from iiNet." They went on to say though "Although cheaper than its DSL offerings, iiNet's NBN starting price is still a hefty $50 for just 12Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload, with a 20GB peak and 20GB off-peak quota."

iTnews saw it more as "iiNet undercuts rivals with retail NBN prices", whereas ZDnet focussed on the comparison with Internode.

Meanwhile Delimiter took the differential even further asserting "Internode must slash its horrible NBN pricing."

The level of focus is frightening when these providers are all competing for a few tens of thousand customers today in a market that is renowned for the dynamism within which prices and plans are constructed and changed.

The only certainty really is that entry level prices are at or below the comparable ADSL services, with better speed reliability and likely better service support. And that's without mentioning some of the lower price offerings from telcos that an MP saw fit to disparage in a parliamentary speech.

If I'm not much mistaken Malcolm Turnbull has already ditched the "the NBN will be dearer" story.

What happens next?

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