Tuesday, September 06, 2011

"reflective of a lazy regulatory attitude" AAPT and NBN Co

I am generally an NBN fan. I am a fan of the concept of an FTTN network, I am a fan of the structural separation it delivers and I am a fan of the idea of a Government enterprise delivering it.

There is no real foundation for the perception that Government enterprises are less efficient and effective than private sector ones. A colleague has kindly recently made some observations on submissions to the Domestic Transmission Capacity service FAD.

The first by private sector firm AAPT. The colleague described it as "a whole new level of pathetic" and said that the submissions in general were "reflective of a lazy regulatory attitude."

The second is by NBN Co. This is neatly described as "a metaphor for the entire organisation...5 pages with nothing on it, then 2.5 pages with very little of any substance on it...8 pages that could be condensed into 1 page." and adds "Wasting paper, wasting money..."

I do note however the reassuring words from NBN Co on the second page of their submission,

NBN Co asks that you consider the environment before printing this submission.

Going to my earlier comments about corporations losing the plot on communications. If you want to save the environment come up with document templates that do so. The cover detail could be on the same page as the bit with the notice, it didn't need an intentionally blank page and it didn't need the superflous colourful back page.

There is a longer story to write about what creates this environment, but in brief, we have reached that stage in a regulated industry wherein the regulatory process is now no longer strategic.

The logical move is a massive restructure of regulatory institutions. The structural separation has been used to allow people to assume their problems are over. The reality is they have only just begun, but have very little to do with NBN prices and everything to do with bundling.

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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