Monday, September 05, 2011

Communications and Stakeholders - Part 2

It was way back in 2003 that I think I first formally tried to catalogue a firm's stakeholder matrix and start capturing details of engagements and strategies.

I tried to maintain it as a Word table but it was unwieldy, hard to update, hard to extract from and hard to establish linkages (e.g. which stakeholders did other stakeholders listen to).

Simple CRM software would help a little, being a purpose configured database.

I'm fascinated to see the development of a number of specific tools such as StakeTracker, EngagementHQ, Stakeholder Circle, Consultation Manager, and Darzin.

Many of these are more designed for stakeholder engagement on particular projects - the field more technically known as community consultation.

There is even an The International Association for Public Participation - Australasia.

The relevance? Well as already noted here NBN Co has recognised its community consultation task. The reality is it has the same consultation task to face 100s of times over - the stakeholders will sometimes be local and sometimes regional, state or national.

But I continue to despair of whether "stakeholder" is defined broadly enough in the industry given the staff announcement issues at NBN Co and Intenode.

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